Your Own Personal Outdoor Lightshow

You have spent hours in your backyard planting, trimming, etc., so you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. As the sun sets (and you are not ready to go back inside your home yet), your outdoor lights automatically turn on.

Your own personal light show illuminates the colours of flowerbeds, tree bark and glistening water patterns of pools or waterfalls. Light reflects off of your home's stonework, and illuminates your favourite perennial. It quietly captures your eye’s attention as the night-lights dance with the evening darkness.

Your backyard can become a functional work of art – at night – with outdoor pathway, accent, deck and stair lights. Outdoor lights ensure safe, easy navigation of entrance and walkways. They are seen around the edge of your property as an excellent security measure against break-ins. A good quality, well-installed outdoor lighting system can not only enhance security, but also increase the resale value of your home.

Beauty on a budget. “Creating a beautiful landscape need not be expensive. Our unique lighting designs offer both creativity and functionality. With as little as three to five quality lights  - each with a 15 year warranty - our customers are able to enjoy and afford a backyard lighting package,” suggests Jordy Olsoff, owner of Artistic Lighting Design in Kelowna.

Add light, not energy. Good lighting uses less energy than an ordinary yard light. Using low voltage LED lights, energy costs are minimal. One LED light can last up to 40,000 hours, or over 12 years of average nightly use. This, combined with remote controls, automatic timers and photo cells make for an efficient and easy-to-operate lighting system.

Incorporate your personal style. “The idea of enhancing your outdoor environment to reflect your personal style is very popular, especially because everyone wants to spend more time outside. There are many types of lights options to fit your style. Designs that add colour and interest with different glass choices, unique castings, nature-inspired shapes and architectural elements,” says Olsoff.

Light up backyards and businesses. Outdoor lighting not only shines in residential backyards, but also proves to be an essential tool to highlight corporate outdoor signs, building exteriors, restaurant patios and other public spaces such as walkways and parks. 

Transform your existing patio, deck or pool area into a retreat that you will love. Why not invest in a new lighting scheme that will provide light to be enjoyed from both inside and outside of your home year-round for 20 years or more?


Artistic Lighting Design provides complimentary outdoor lighting consultations throughout the Okanagan Valley. Visit them online or call 250.864.5483 to book your appointment.