New Local Home Product Importer

Getting unique, high quality, handcrafted products and materials for your renovation or new home can be time consuming and expensive.

You’ve had your eyes on that hammered copper sink for your bathroom ever since you saw it in the magazine. Sourcing it, ordering it, shipping it, and finally getting it into your home can be quite the expensive adventure.

That’s where Kelowna’s newest import company comes in. ASSA Import Co. is the brainchild of Hamid Khajavi, who is also a partner with inArtifex Design Ltd., a leading residential home design and drafting firm.

ASSA Import Co. specializes in acquiring diverse building products and materials directly from the artisans and making them available directly to you. 

“We source interior and exterior tiles and pavers made with premium grade travertine,” says Khajavi. “We have distribution rights with a door manufacturer that makes solid wood, handmade, handcrafted doors from a variety of wood species. We have another source that makes interior barn doors and they supply the hardware too.”

Some of their other direct sources include artisans who create bathroom sinks and bathtubs as well as kitchen sinks. Currently they can procure handmade and hand finished sinks and tubs in brushed nickel, copper, stone, travertine, and onyx from all over the world. ASSA sources only the finest, and several of the sinks and tubs imported are created by third generation artisans with the main suppliers coming from North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

“What we’ve done is eliminate the middlemen by creating connections directly from the makers,” explains Khajavi. “It’s like ordering your meal directly from the chef at the restaurant, finding out what their finest ingredients are, and telling him how you want your meal prepared.”

ASSA Import Co. focuses on unique and superior building products and materials. They only look for the finest quality and most unique items – things you don’t see everyday.

Embrace a new beginning this spring with ASSA.

You can contact them via phone at 250-864-9301, email, or visit their website.