Dual Energy - Total Flexibility

Wilden allows townhome residents to switch between geothermal and natural gas heating in their home.

The new Wilden townhome development "Hidden Lake Lookout" will offer residents an innovative Dual Energy system, combining geothermal heating and cooling with high efficiency gas. This unprecedented, environmentally sensitive energy solution allows homeowners to switch from geothermal energy to natural gas and vice versa.

In the summer, geothermal energy is the only option for cooling. An air conditioning system based on geothermal energy keeps the outdoor area of the home clear of unsightly units and of the noise that comes with them.

In colder seasons when the house needs heating there are two energy options for the homeowner to choose from: geothermal or gas. This choice can be dependent on personal preferences or on the current rates for power and gas. Should the power rates rise, the possibility to switch to gas can be very beneficial since the geothermal heat pump requires power.

No matter how gas or power prices will develop in the years to come, the energy choice will always be there. The freedom to switch to the most cost-efficient source is practically built into the townhome. Many homebuyers will also like the concept of being able to use renewable, clean geothermal heat and be independent of fossil fuels. This benefit of choice not only secures but also adds to the resale value of the home.

Wilden takes care for the geothermal loop infrastructure in cooperation with the Kelowna utility companies GeoTility and TerraSource. The heat pump is supplied by Bosch while FortisBC is the provider for natural gas. Natural gas rates of FortisBC have remained at some of their lowest in the past decade, making natural gas an affordable luxury.

A geothermal system taps the earth’s natural temperature stability to deliver environmentally sensitive comfort. A new home with geothermal is the best way to eliminate fossil fuel use, slash greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce your carbon footprint. Wilden was one of the first communities in BC to incorporate a geothermal heating system in the early 2000s.

Wilden Townhomes are known for comfortable, maintenance free living surrounded by natural park at the heart of one of the most sought-after communities in the Okanagan. Only ten minutes away from downtown Kelowna, Wilden residents enjoy living in a safe and tranquil environment tucked away in the green hills along the eastern shoreline of Okanagan Lake.